Over Two Years In the Making.

An eScooter Developed by World Champions.

750 W
A 750W motor making 80nm of torque, powered by a 760Wh battery. The high-performance combination that delivers range and power.
80 Nm
80nm of quickly torque accelerates riders away from a stop with acceleration worthy of Red Bull Racing.
40 M
A 40 mile range, depending on rider weight and environmental conditions, means that you can ride longer between charges.
Designed to withstand 3g of load.

Ambitious load case goals were set to ensure the eScooter would withstand extreme use.

Jump Test FEA: Explicit Analysis Results

Drop Test FEA: Explicit Analysis Results

Bump Compliance Test FEA: Explicit Analysis Results

Exotic metals.

The complicated steering mechanism is manufactured from chromium-molybdenum alloy steel.

Precision engineering.

Race fans can now experience for themselves the engineering of World Champions.