The Game-Changing Oracle Red Bull Racing RBS#01 Electric Scooter

The Game-Changing Oracle Red Bull Racing RBS#01 Electric Scooter

After two years of meticulous design and development, the game-hanging Oracle Red Bull Racing RBS#01 electric scooter is now available and ready to ship. This is the team’s first product for consumers.

Available now in the US, the RBS#01 offers consumers a unique opportunity to experience the engineering brilliance of F1 World Champions.

“The RBS#01 is Oracle Red Bull Racing’s first consumer product,” said Rob GrayTechnical Director of Red Bull Advanced Technologies. “Our team of engineers have developed a trailblazing e-Scooter that aims to disrupt the market. Winning performance is at the heart of everything we do and through rigorous testing and the development of a full carbon-fiber chassis, the RBS#01 delivers a truly unique riding experience.”

Designed over the course of 2,500 engineering hours, the RBS#01 is the ultimate electric scooter. It’s a ground-up, pure bespoke design crated by the world’s best F1 engineers, who were set loose to come up with their dream scooter. A completely new design, nearly all the parts are proprietary and built specifically for the RBS#01.

Taking cues from the F1 car, the design team built the chassis primarily out of carbon fiber and chose oversized karting tires, prized for their traction. The tires keep the scooter stuck o the ground and reduce the need for suspension. The carbon construction is light and also has incredible performance characteristics.

A 750W electric drive unit powers the scooter, and makes 80Nm of torque, all fueled by a 760Wh battery that's concealed inside the deck.

To prove the design concept, Oracle Red Bull Racing subjected the scooter to a series of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tests to ensure it would stand up to extreme use. In testing that included drop tests, jump tests, and free fall tests, the RBS#01 came away rated to withstand 2 tonnes of weight and 3x gravity of load.

The RBS#01 is the only electric scooter on the market with a full carbon fiber chassis, redefining the definition of lightweight when comparative to size, coming in at a mere 50.7lbs and delivering a power-to-weight ratio worthy of a racing car.

Cabling from the cockpit is channelled internally through the single-sided carbon steering column, giving the RBS#01 a sleek aesthetic.